Dignidad Cubana

"Bob Costas Periodista N. B. C."
Miami, October 30, 1997
B O B    C O S T A S   N. B. C.
National Broadcasting Company
30 Rockefeller   Plaza
N. Y.  N. Y.  10112

Dear Mr. Costas:

 I would like  to thank you  for your television  commentary  during  the World Series  when you took a stand against  the Communist   tyranny that Fidel Castro has imposed  on the Cuban
people.  I know I speak  on behalf  of  the exiled  community   and
90 per cent  of  the people  still  in Cuba when I thank  you  for
your staunch attitude against  the Cuban regime.

 It is my  pleasure  to share a copy  of  my letter  to his
Holiness  John Paul II , the  Vatican. I was sent on April 21, 1997.
The letter dealt with the communist   tyranny  imposed  by Fidel
Castro on Cuba  for almost  thirty-nine  years.

 Include  with this letter you will also  find my  two poems
(Miserable  Misfit  and  Four Martyrs) , regarding  the situation
in Cuba, and  a copy of  the letter  that Honorable  President
Clinton  sent  to me  on July 5, 1996.


         Manuel   Blanco


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