Dignidad Cubana

"The  Honorable  Ingvar  Carlssen"
Miami,  October 2,  1995
  The  Honorable  Ingvar  Carlssen
  Prime  Minister  of  Sweden
  Stockholm, Sweden

   We demand  the humane  treatment  of  the exiled
  Cubans  in Sweden and that you grant  them  political
  asylum,  according to the international  laws concerning
  political  refugees.  We also ask  that these refugees not
 be returned to Cuba because extreme  reprisals  would
  be taken  against  them  by the communist  tyranny of
  Fidel  Castro.

   For  thirty-six  years,  Fidel Castro has been
  starving, intimidating, an d  torturing opponents of his
  regime  in filthy  jails.

   I include  my  write up regarding  the sinking  of
  the tugboat "Trece de Marzo"  (March Thirteenth),
  in the waters off the bay of Havana, which carried more
  than seventy  Cubans who were fleeing  to freedom ,
  forty-two of whom died, among  them  twenty-one
  innocent  children, who were slaugtered by thugs  and
  assassins of  Fidel Castro’s  obscene  tyranny.


          Manuel  Blanco


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