Dignidad Cubana

"Honorable  Congressman  Dan Burton"
Miami,  Febrero 10 de 1996

  Honorable  Congressman  Dan Burton
  1022  Longworth House Office  Building
  Washington, D.C. 20515

   Thank  you  for the Helms-Burton  law, which we
  (Exiled-Cubans)   favor  in  its entirety.

   I congratulate you  for your  strong attitude in
  favor of  toppling  Fidel  Castro and  Communis  in Cuba.
  For thirty seven years" El  Tirano-Dictador  Castro", has
  been starving,  intimidating, and  torturing  opponents
  of his  regime  in filthy  jails.

   I include my  write up regarding  the sinking  of the
  tugboat  ‘MARCH ­13"  by Fidel Castro’s  tyranny and
  Communisn   in Cuba.

   Respectfully   yours,

      Manuel   Blanco

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