Dignidad Cubana

"Honorable  Rudolph  Giuliani"
Miami, Oct. 31, 1994
  Honorable  Rudolph  Giuliani.
  Mayor   Ney  York  City
  New  York,  N. Y.  10007

  Dear Mr. Giuliani:

    Thank you  for your strong attitude in favor of
  toppling  Fidel  Castro’s  tyrany and communism in  in

   I include  my  write up regarding the sinking of
  the  tugboat,  "MARCH  THIRTEEN"   (13 de Marzo),
  in the waters off   the bay of Havana,  which carried
  more than  seventy Cubans, who were fleeing  to
  freedom,   forty-two of whom died, among  them
  twenty-one innocent children, who were slaughtered
  by  thugs  and assassing  of  Fidel Castro’s  obscene

   We  support  the embargo  entirely.


          Manuel   Blanco

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