Dignidad Cubana

"His Holiness John Paul II- The Vatican"
Miami, April 21,  1997
Most Holy Father, Messenger of Christ on Earth:

 With all my respect and admiration to you and your high authority, I write you this letter to express the following:

 I have been in exile from my homeland for more than thirty-four years,
because of the communist regime of Fidel Castro, one of the bloodiest, most abominable, and satanic tyrants in the history of the world. His totalitarian regime
is the only one that has imposed a blockade on the martyred and long-suffering
Cuban people; which he jails, executes and coldly murders in various inhumane
forms, starves, discriminates, and enslaves. Castro has systematically violated
their most basic of human rights for almost thirty-nine years.

 Remember among his many other  heinous crimes, the genocide that occurred with the sinking of the  wrecker "Trece de Marzo". It occurred on July 13,
1994 in the Bay of Havana. On this wrecker, more then  seventy people were fleeing
towards freedom. With the sinking  of the wrecker, more then forty people, among
them twenty-one innocent children, were brutally murdered by Castro’s assassins.

More recently on February 24, 1996, two small air planes that were piloted  by the
Brothers to the Rescue were summarily shot down by the pilots of two MIG fighters
that fired  their missiles without  pity ­- by the express  orders of the tyrant  Fidel
Castro—pulverizing  and disintegrating in mid-air two  Brothers to the Rescue planes,
mercilessly killing its four young crew members.  The Brothers to the Rescue planes
were flying unarmed in broad daylight over international  waters. Their mission as
always  was strictly humanitarian.

 Holy Father, these are only two  examples of the crimes that have been
perpetrated by Fidel Castro on the Cuban people. I beg of you that  in addition to
pleas and prayers for the liberation of Cuba, that you give your blessing and support
to the implementation of the "Law for Democracy in Cuba" (Helms-Burton Law). This
law is the only humanly  available pressure  tactic that will bring us closer to a free
and democratic Cuba. In the same way that with great courage on your part  you flew to your native Poland in 1979 (in moments of  great tension between your Polish
brethren  and the Kremlin), to offer spiritual and ideological support to the "Solidarity Movement,"  we Cubans also need your courage  and support  for Cuba;
and in the same way  that Our Lord Jesus Christ expelled the merchants from the
temple, so should the Satan Fidel Castro be expelled from  the paradise  that was
Cuba before 1959, the year in which the dictator turned  it into hell on Earth.

 Thank you for your benevolence and I pray that God gives you much health.

 I  leave you with my greatest respect.

    Your Servant

        M a n u e l    B l a n c o


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