Dignidad Cubana

"Jackes Chirac Presidente Francia"
Miami, Julio 3 de 1997
 Sr. Jacques  Chirac
 Presidente de Francia
 Palacio de los Eliseos ­ PARIS ­

 Honorable señor Presidente:

 It is my pleasure to share a copy of my letter to
 his Holiness John Paul II, The Vaticam. It was sent
 on April 21, 1997. The letter dealt with the communist
 tyranny imposed by Fidel Castro on Cuba for almost
 thirty-nine years.

 I would like to thank you for your supportive attitude
 in favor of toppling Fidel Castro’s tyranny communism
 in Cuba.

 Include with this letter you will also find my two poems
 (Miserable Misfit and Four Martyrs) regarding the
 situation in Cuba , and a copy of the letter that President
 Bill Clinton sent to my on July 5, 1996.


 Manuel  Blanco

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