Dignidad Cubana

"Madeleine Albright, Ambassador"
March 15- 1996
Madeleine  Albright, Honorable Ambassador.
United  States Mission to the United Nations
799 United  Nations  Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10017-3505

Dear Ambassador:

I would like to thank you for your strong attitude in favor
of toppling Fidel Castro’s tyranny and communisn in Cuba.

The terrible tragedy of February 24th 1996 in which four young
men lost their lives, is the most clear example of what one
man can do. It also proves that there can be no dialogue or
negotiations with Fidel Castro who no shows compassion  for
human life.

No military chief in Cuba dares to give an order of such importance
involving so many international risks. The Castro regime showed its
true colors that Saturday  of February 24th  1996, when he ordered
the downing of the two small American planes unarmed blown in the
air by the assassins of Fidel Castro’s obscene tyranny.

I am also including my write up, regarding to this important  matter.

Respectfully yours

Manuel   Blanco

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