Dignidad Cubana

"Editors of The New York Times"
  Miami,  January, 2, 1995
  The  New York  Times
  229  West 43d  St.  N.Y.  10036

   I include  my  write up concerning  the sinking
  of the tugboat  "TRECE  DE MARZO"  (March  Thirteenth),
  in the waters off  the bay of Havana, which carried more
  than seventy Cubans who were fleeing to freedom,
  forty-two of whom died,  among  twenty-one innocent
  children,  who were slaughtered by thugs and
  assassing of Fidel  Castro’s  obscene  tyranny; asking
  that it be considered  and  published  in  The New York

   Thank  you for your  consideration.

        Respectfully   yours

           Manuel   Blanco

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