Dignidad Cubana

"President of the United  States"
Miami, July 4, 1997
 Honorable Bill Clinton
 President of the United States
 The White House
 Washington, D.C.

 Dear Mr. President:

  It is my pleasure to share a copy of my letter to his
 Holiness John Paul  II , The Vatican. It was sent on April 21,
 1997. The letter dealt with the communist tyranny imposed
 by Fidel Castro on Cuba for almost thirty nine years.

  I would like to thank you for your strong attitude in favor
 of toppling Fidel Castro’s tyranny and communism in Cuba.

  We demand the humane treatment of the exiled Cubans
 and that you grant them political asylum, according to the
 international laws and human rights. We also ask that these
 refugees not be returned to Cuba because extreme reprisals
 would be taken against  them by the communist tyranny. For
 almost thirty nine years Fidel Castro has been starving,
 intimidating, and tourturing opponents of his regime in filthy
  Included with this letter you will also find my two poems,
 (Miserable Misfits and Four Martyrs) regarding  the situation
 in Cuba.

  I am hoping to hear from you

   Respectfully  yours

       Manuel Blanco


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