Dignidad Cubana


T hose terrible moments were filled with tension
H olding his little trembling hands in mine
E mbracing him for what might be the very last time

M y anguish overwhelmed me
I  prayed to God Divine
R emember my son God, keep him alive
A ll around us waves were crashing
C onstant tears into the ocean splashing
L ittle Elian held on tight
E ventually the sea would win the fight

C rying out "Mommy, Mommy what has happened?"
H is fearís what finally broke my heart
I  never envisioned our dreams of freedom would fall apart
L aying him gently on the rubber float
D elaying the current that would sink our boat

E very scream competed with the crashing of the waves
L ooking up to heaven hoping God could hear my pain
I  told Elian to pray and then I prayed to God again.
A final push toward freedom, then I slipped down to my grave
N ow at last I rest easy because I know he will be saved.

In memory of Elizabeth Brotons, Elianís mother, who drowned near the coast of Florida.  The boat that was going to carry Elizabeth and Elian to freedom sunk.  With her heroism and her faith in God, she made it possible for her son, Elian, to be rescued and reach the liberty she so desperately craved.

Manuel Blanco
February 2000


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