Dignidad Cubana

"Miserable Misfit"

  Fidel Castro, miserable  misfit,
  Cuban history will not absolve him.
  Ill born and a thousand times unfit,
  Cuba and history  have already condmned him.

  His murders, intolerable,
  On the tugboat March Thirteenth,
  Were recorded and remain indelible
  In the conscience  of Cuba’s people.

  Evil dictator , more evil sovereign
  His demise speeds up the closer it approaches;
  Men, women, and children, innocent.

  And a people suffering the throes of his clutches
  Claim a just and forthwith end to the pain;
  The end of him, bloody  tyrant of  darkness.

    M a n u e l     B l a n c o
          l 9 9 4

In memory of the sinking of the tugboat "Trece de Marzo" (March Thirteenth), in the waters off the bay of Havana, which carried more than seventy Cubans who were fleeing to freedom, forty-two of whom died, among them twenty-one innocent children, who were slaughtered by thugs and assassins of Fidel Castro’s  obscene tyranny.

      July 13, 1994

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